Weekly Inspiration – 30.8.2015


My younger sister (I have two, I’m in the middle) is about to move to London, where she is embarking on a new career.  She has spent the last 16 years working extremely hard to be in the position she is now in.  We were chatting last week and she admitted to being very proud of herself and that her hard work is paying off.  I am proud too.  Proud that she is my sister and an incredible aunt and role model to our children.

Proud of the woman I have become The Simple Owl

Always be proud of your achievements and never fear being a shining star!

Simone <3

Download a free copy of this printable here

First Day of School – Free Printable!



The first day of school is always very exciting for us, as its a new beginning with a fresh start! I love September for making plans and resolutions. I can honestly say I stick to them much better than plans I have made on January 1st!

First day of school printable

I <3 first day of school for:

  • the smell of new copy books and paper
  • spic and span uniforms and polished shoes
  • sunny autumn mornings (that arrive so quickly!)
  • sending our children on a new adventure
  • getting back into a routine after summer

Each year we take the ‘first day photo’, its a lovely way to reflect on how your child has grown over the years.  You can have some fun and use the free printable in this years photo!

Good luck on your first day back,

Simone ;)

A free copy of this printable is available here.


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