Paper Plate Crafts!


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This summer we are indoors more than out….rain, rain go away! My children are great at entertaining themselves.  But I do remember rainy summer days when they were very young, and my go solution was always a crafty thingy and more often than not it involved a paper plate!  I was not blogging back then, so unfortunately can’t share photos of our creations.  But here are some great ideas to inspire you and your stack of paper plates!

paper plate Crafts

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A good nights sleep….ZZzzzzz


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Every now and then we find ourselves exhausted!  Life gets busy, we pack our days with activities and stay up late to get as much done as we can.  Then one day, everyone crashes and we are a tired and cranky house! Nothing gets done right, arguments creep in and the children start to bicker over fresh air.  I have come to the conclusion, sleep and rest may not be the solution to all your problems, but it will without any doubt, help you be in the right frame of mind to deal with whats thrown at you.

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